Eastern delivers leading edge VideoIQ surveillance solutions.

VideoIQ’s line of iCVR and iCST camera and encoders have been deployed in a variety of environments and for a wide range of customers. Deployments often range from preventing theft and vandalism through proactive surveillance in commercial markets, enhancing critical infrastructure protection with the most accurate video analytics solution, simplifying multi-site deployments by eliminating the need for external storage servers and dedicated high capacity networks, and extending wireless deployments by eliminating the need to backhaul video to central storage. Typical VideoIQ deployments cover a variety of end-users and tackle the most difficult video surveillance challenges.

Proactive surveillance. VideoIQ’s adaptive analytics uniquely identify people, vehicles and boats from objects, animals and scene movement, ensuring the most accurate real-time threat detection on the market.
Network efficiency. By storing video within the onboard NVR, iCVR cameras and encoders can record at full resolution and frame rate — even megapixel resolution — using no network bandwidth at all. The overall system needs less than 10% of the bandwidth of megapixel and conventional IP cameras, allowing customers to deploy over existing networks, wireless networks and cellular connections. And as every iCVR continuously records, they are always ready to send real-time alarms when threats are detected, stream live video on demand and perform sophisticated search.
Simple installation. With fully integrated, onboard NVR storage and an advanced VMS.

  • Theft & Vandalism
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Multi-Site Deployments
  • Wireless Deployments

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