Central Station Monitoring with Rapid Response in Syracuse, NY

State-Of-The-Art Central Station Monitoring

Rapid Response, an international company located in Syracuse, is dedicated to providing our customers, large and small, with a wide array of the very finest monitoring services. An industry leader for 21 years and known for its sophisticated systems, innovative technologies and the most highly qualified, extensively trained operators in the business, Rapid is approved by Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual, as well as other standards organizations.

Our central station monitoring services offer:

Internet & WAN Network Secure Monitoring
Two-Way Voice Listen-in Monitoring
Remote Compressed Video Monitoring
Supervised Open and Closing Reports
Remote Programming of Systems
High Security Radio Back-up Monitoring
Electronic Medical Database Storage
Auto-Notification: SMS, email or fax
Remote Management of multiple sites
Interactive voice response capability
and More

Secure Facility


Rapid Response’s modern facility features quadruplicated redundancy in its power, communications, processing, network and security systems. It is in operation round-the-clock and prepared for any crisis. Personnel are scheduled by a highly sophisticated computerized system that places staff according to professional requirements, projected weather patterns nationwide and recorded activity levels, with crisis teams at the ready.2010_approved-cr_bldg-front



Operational personnel are all SIA (Security Industry Association) certified following a rigorous six-week training program. Additional training includes specialization in monitoring for video, gps, complex accounts, answering services, personal emergency and others. The Quality Assurance Department conducts constant performance evaluations and training to ensure the very highest level of customer service.

All Rapid Response staff and operational personnel have a minimum of two years of college or military experience. All undergo a background investigation, drug-screening and periodic drug testing. Many are EMT-certified, and Spanish-speaking operators are always on duty. A professional attitude with strong people skills and the ability to quickly develop a rapport with people experiencing emergency, dangerous or critical conditions is essential.2010_approved-cr_oper-floor2

Customer Convenience

Rapid Response innovative technologies allow us to offer mobile services that can be used on your Google Android™ and Apple® iOS® devices. Using these services you can manage your business and residential accounts, view recent activity, manage notification lists, passwords and more. You will have astounding control at the tips of your fingers… anytime, anywhere.

Please take a moment to view Rapid Response at www.rrms.com.