Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

When it comes to CCTV, we spend countless hours training our staff on the latest systems. We create solutions that use name brand technology and optimum value. Cameras provide vivid proof of activities and we believe the system should be value engineered for effectiveness, integrity, and un-compromised performance. Proof of quality comes after the installation in a company’s warranty; this is why all of our installations are backed by the best warranties in the business.

Closed Circuit TeleVision surveillance systems offer a variety of solutions, including:

Integrated CCTV System Controls
Integrated Intercom & Alarm Point Interfacing
Matrix & Multiplex Controlled Systems
Digital Recording & Storage Systems
Wireless/Twisted Pair/Fiber-optic Transmission Methods
High-Speed Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
Covert & Pinhole Hidden Camera Systems
High-Resolution Color and Monochrome Cameras
Infrared Illuminated Cameras
Architectural Camera Housings
Armored, Environmental/Bullet Resistant Cameras

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a CCTV System reduce inventory shrinkage, increase my staff’s productivity, and pay for itself?

I am tired of changing my old VCR tapes each day and not being able to clearly see what was recorded on them. Is it true that a new digital video recorder will allow me to store a week, month or year’s worth of history in them?

Is it true that I can remotely view my business or home cameras live or look at prerecorded history over a high-speed internet connection?

Is it true that your digital recorder can instantly search when something is moved or stolen as well as alert my guard when it is occuring?

Can I view and control my Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras from by computer at my desk without a separate video monitor?

At night my color cameras do not give me a clear picture. Is it true that the new technology allows your cameras to automatically switch to monochrome and increase the cameras light gathering ability?

Is it true that you can seamlessly link the recorded video to a card read being made or a door alarm being activated?

Can you spin and zoom in a P-T-Z camera automatically to a entrance gate whenever a vehicle enters my yard?

The answer to all of these questions and many more is YES. We can provide you the best closed circuit TV systems available.

Today the cost of cameras and recorders has dropped signifcantly, while the technology has risen to meet the advanced needs of our clients.

Closed Circuit TeleVision surveillance systems provide excellent value, through video accountability and documentation for stores, schools, factory workplaces, apartments, homes and offices. Product losses from shoplifters, insurance fraud accidents and internal employee pillaging are greatly reduced or eliminated by the presence of cameras, as well as the detailed information they provide when prosecuting or defending incidents. Families with home care responsibilities can periodically review designated areas to check on the welfare of young children or elderly parents.

Picture a large corporate facility at night where the dark parking lots are being scanned by cameras that see through the darkness. The doors to the facility have been automatically locked after closing and a late night visitor just arrived to see someone at building. The visitor presses an intercom button and unknowingly calls a guard in a control room two states away. The guard easily and very cost-effectively monitors hundreds of buildings throughout the company’s enterprise across the country. The guard talks with the visitor, checks and records their identification information, verifies authorization to enter, and photographs and logs them into a visitor management system on their PC monitor. The access door unlocks momentarily and the guard wishes the visitor a pleasant evening.